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This what we’re good at

Our many years of experience taught us how important high quality and attractive packaging is. It has to be very precise. That's why we're all about quality, service and flexibility.

Packaging that impresses

We are strong in making and designing complex quality packaging. We get our satisfaction from making the most ideal custom packaging for our client. A packaging that successfully distinguishes itself from its competitors.

Freedom in shape and colour

The big advantage of injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding: the freedom of shape. Basically, we can make any complex shape. We can also print the IML-label in any design and colour composition. The full freedom of choice for the client to use the packaging for branding purposes.

Packaging as a calling card

Injection moulded or extrusion blow moulded packaging is often used to promote and sell a product. A slick, distinctive and modern design often provides the last (sales) push in the food, home & personal care industries. The packaging is the calling card of the brand. We love to contribute to that.

Unique combinations with thermoforming

Ever thought about a combination of injection moulded or extrusion blow moulded packaging and thermoforming? This combination of techniques provides a lot of interesting and new packaging possibilities. Within the Hordijk Group, we offer this unique combination of production techniques.

We have our own thermoforming factory in Zaandam for this: Hordijk Verpakkingen. Want to know more? Our colleagues are happy to tell you more about it. They can be reached via hspv@hordijk.nl or via phone: 0180 45 06 66.

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