Header FAQ about injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding

FAQ about injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding

We regularly get questions about our injection moulded and blow moulded products. That's why we have bundled the most frequently asked questions. Of course, you can also put your question to our customer service colleagues.

Why do we use plastic as a packaging material?

Plastic packaging is light, cheap and very recyclable if it's made out of mono material. Plastic also increases the shelf-life of the packaged product.

Furthermore, we can make injection moulded and blow moulded packaging in nearly every desired shape and colour. This means full freedom of choice for the client. The packaging fits seamlessly with the branding of the product.

What is injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding?

  • Injection moulding

In this process, plastic granules are melted and injected into the mould under high pressure. The liquid plastic takes on the shape of the mould. After this, the plastic is cooled and the packaging is removed from the mould.

  • Extrusion blow moulding

In this process, warm molten plastic is squeezed between two half moulds. The warm plastic comes out of the nozzle in the form of a tube. Immediately after this, compressed air is blown into the mould. Due to the compressed air, the molten plastic cools and takes on the shape of the mould.

Which materials does Hordijk Spuitgiet Verpakkingen use?

We use PP and PE.

What is RPP?

RPP is recycled PP. The R is short for recycled.

Is plastic bad for the environment?

This question is often the subject of discussion. Plastic isn't bad for the environment, as long as it is used in a responsible manner. This means that plastic producers should make their products out of mono material. And that the consumer should dispose of the product in the right trash can.

What is the Plastic Pact?

The Plastic Pact is a voluntary ambition agreement between the government and the corporate world. These are, in short, the goals for 2025:

  • All plastic used should be 100% recyclable
  • The usage of plastic needs to go down by 20%
  • All packaging needs to consist of at least 35% recycled material.

Hordijk Verpakkingen has signed the Plastic Pact.

Am I able to order all items?

We make our items exclusively for clients. All our injection moulded and extrusion blow moulded items are custom made packaging. Do you have any questions, or are you interested in custom packaging? Ask our customer services or sales colleagues.

Where do I go to with an order or a question?

You can contact our customer services department. They are ready for any question you might have. You can reach them via hspv@hordijk.nl or via phone: 0180 45 06 66.

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