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Sustainability is in our business DNA

Within our business, sustainability is the first priority. It runs through our organisation like a thread. Both in the production process and in the products we make.

Sustainable production site

Every investment in our factory contributes to a better environment. In recent years, we started producing much more sustainable. Machines that still ran on oil have been replaced by electric machines. We have installed a new cooling system, and the lighting is replaced by LED lights. We now use a lot less energy, and we reduce the CO2 emission.

Sustainable packaging

Of course, there is also plenty of attention for sustainable packaging. As far as possible, the packaging is made of recycled material. The material is as thin as possible, so that we need less resources.

Additionally, we work together with Plastic Heroes. With the plastic waste that consumers turn in here, we make new packaging. We buy this plastic, recycle it and process it again. That way, the ‘plastic has gone full circle’.


The development of biobased materials happens quickly. It consists of resources that are, for example, derived from sugar cane. An interesting new resource for packaging. We are now testing it. Because we not only run a sustainable business for ourselves, but also for the environment and the next generation.

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