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Injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding

We supply customised injection moulded and extrusion blow moulded packaging for various sectors. We supply, for example, to the food, home & personal care and pharma industries.

Injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding are two unique techniques that provide high quality and sustainable packaging. We would love to explain them to you.

Injection moulding

In injection moulding, plastic granulate is melted and injected into the mould under high pressure. The liquid plastic takes on the shape of the mould. After this, the plastic is cooled and the packaging is removed from the mould.

Extrusion blow moulding

In extrusion blow moulding, warm molten plastic is squeezed between two half moulds. The warm plastic comes out of the nozzle in the form of a tube. Immediately after this, compressed air is blown into the mould. Due to the compressed air, the molten plastic cools and takes on the shape of the mould. 


Do you want to unify your label and packaging? Choose IML. IML is short for ‘in mould labeling’. In this process, a pre-printed label out of PP is placed into a mould. The mould has the shape of the end product.

When the label is placed, we inject the mould with molten PP. It fuses with the label and takes on the form of the mould during the hardening. It's one single product now. IML-labeling is a sustainable solution. The end product is made out of mono material, which means it's very recyclable.

Please click on the picture and take a look at our production video.

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